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How to Sleep Under a Tree Comfortably

I have fond memories of taking an afternoon nap under a tree in my family house backyard. Honestly, that was one of the things I looked forward to during the summer holidays. As I sit here reminiscing about the good old days, I can’t help but wonder whether it was a safe thing to do

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man receiving facial botox injections

Sleeping After Botox : How to Lie Down Without Compromising Your Results

Booking a Botox appointment can be an exciting time. After spending hundreds of dollars and braving your fear of needles to receive the injections, the least you deserve is good results. While other procedures may take some time before you can measure results, Botox offers instant results. However, your actions can mess those results just

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breakfast on a plate

21 Popular Breakfast Foods That Make You Sleepy Immediately

Certain foods can trigger sleepiness, especially when consumed in the morning. While eating abnormal food portions is a common cause of sleeping after breakfast, what you eat can have an even bigger impact. Related: Sleeping After Breakfast: 21 Epic Tips to Stay Awake The 21 most common breakfast foods that make you feel sleepy immediately

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beautiful breakfast on a plate

Sleeping After Breakfast: 21 Epic Tips to Stay Awake

The first thing my 85-year old grandparents always do immediately after breakfast is to take a nap. I thought it was something that only happened to senior citizens until I noticed that a similar habit in my college roommate. Is sleeping after breakfast harmful? The answer is yes. Sleeping immediately after eating any meal can

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lady feeling the firmness of a mattress

New Mattress Too Firm? 10 Smart Ways to Break In a New Mattress

Does your new mattress feel too firm? If the answer is yes, you’re likely struggling to sleep and looking for ways to make it softer. Before you start sounding off any panic alarms, know that every mattress feels firmest when it is brand new. Thus, even the soft mattresses can feel less comfortable when they

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car camper relaxing in his van

Car Camping 101: The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping in Your Car

Sleeping in a car can be a great way to not only enjoy the outdoors but to get the change of scenery everyone needs at some point. If you’re wondering whether camping in your car is a good idea then the answer is yes. Millions of people live in vehicles full-time or temporarily due to

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kids lying down on a trampoline

Sleeping on a Trampoline: 13 Critical Sleepover Checklist Items

Many of us have great childhood memories of jumping around on a trampoline. If you were one of the lucky ones then those were some of your happiest times. Playing with our kids and grandkids on trampolines can be a great way of reminding ourselves of the good old times.  A trampoline sleepover can be

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couple sleeping after dinner

Sleeping When Full: 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid It

Parents and teachers repeatedly tell kids that eating late is bad right from childhood. Yet we end up doing it anyway. This may be due to working late or having car trouble on your way home from the office. Having dinner late is bad enough. Yet the majority of us retire to bed at the

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fork and knife with time

Is Sleeping During Fasting Bad?

Whether you’re fasting to shrink your waistline or for religious reasons, the urge to sleep is never far away. However, there’s a huge debate as to whether sleeping is bad during religious fasts or even for weight loss. And you’re probably here right now to look for answers to the never-ending debate. So is it

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man sleeping while starving

Sleeping When Hungry: 7 Reasons Why it is Bad for You

It is bedtime in an hour or two and your tummy starts rumbling with hunger. Do you ignore it and try to sleep? Or satisfy your food cravings by eating something? All of us have battled with this issue at one moment or another. So is sleeping when hungry bad? The answer is yes. Sleeping

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man sleeping at work

Sleeping During Working Hours: 21 Crazy Ways To Stop It

A few hours after clocking into work, you find yourself dozing. You’re aware that your manager’s office is close by and being caught napping can spell doom. You try your best to stay awake yet nothing seems to be working. Does this sound like you? Well, we’ve all been there. Sleeping during working hours happens

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woman lying down on her left side

Sleeping On Your Left Side: 7 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know

Side sleeping continues to attract raving reviews from Medical Professionals and Sleep Therapists. This is because several studies have shown the benefits of sleeping in that position. But, are you wondering whether lying down on one side of your body is more beneficial than the other? Well, we’re not surprised because curling up on the

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topless woman lying on a mattress without sheets

Is It Bad To Sleep On a Mattress Without Sheets?

After waking up unscathed from a 7-hour sleep on my bare mattress. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if bed sheets are as important as they’ve been made to be. If you’ve been contemplating the same thing, you’re not alone. Millennials view skipping bed sheets in favor of sleeping on the bare mattress as the trendy

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