Should You Sleep In A Waist Trainer? [Complete Guide]

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Waist training is one of the most proven ways of getting that hour-glass shape many women (and men) dream of. If you’re currently out of shape especially around the midriff, waist training can be one of the best ways to achieve lower belly fat and improve your figure.

However, one of the common questions many people ask when they begin waist training is whether to wear it at bedtime as well.

Should you sleep in a waist trainer? The answer is yes and no. While waist training in bed can cause sleep disturbances for some people, others can sleep through it just fine. So, it is up to you to determine whether overnight waist training can work for your circumstances and stick to it.

Before we delve into whether it is a good idea to sleep in a waist trainer or not, we should take a look at the benefits of waist training. This can give us some perspective as we decide on which side of the debate to support.

Five Reasons Why You May Want To Sleep In A Waist Trainer 

It is no secret that wearing a waist cincher for hours daily is the key to getting that figure you’ve always craved. Like most things in life, the more you wear it, the higher your chances of success and of course, the speed at which you can see results.

Here are a couple of situations where wearing a waist trainer to bed might be a good idea.

1. Your Waist Cincher Isn’t Tight Enough

Are you stuck with a waist cincher that is not so tight? Waist training at bedtime can be a great idea in many ways. Firstly, since the cincher allows you some room to breathe, wearing it at night should be fairly comfortable meaning you don’t have to toss and turn for hours in pursuit of your dream shape.

Also, the fact that the waist trainer is not as tight means you need to wear it a lot more to achieve the needed results. So why not wear it at bedtime even if the nature of your job allows you to put it on throughout the day.

2. Your Job Makes It Impossible To Waist Train During the Day

Does the nature of your job make it impossible to wear waist trainers? If the answer is yes, bedtime may be the best period to sculpt the body into that Victoria’s Secrets model-like shape you’ve always dreamed about.

Factory workers engaged in heavy lifting all day, personal trainers, and uniform-clad personnel usually find themselves in situations where wearing waist trainers to their day jobs becomes impossible.

3. Clothes That Expose Your Waist Trainers

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There’s no point wearing a waist trainer you cannot hide successfully under your clothes. Not only can it be embarrassing but it may be extremely uncomfortable as well.

If your current wardrobe is full of clothing under which you cannot hide your waist trainers successfully during the day, wearing them at bedtime may be the best idea to gain its benefits.

4. You Want Quicker Results

Well, you could be wearing waist trainers for 12 hours a day and still feel like progress is not being made quickly enough. In that case, wearing them overnight can increase the amount of time it gets to shape the body.

This can lead to quicker results compared to wearing your waist cincher only during the day. This may be especially true when you’re trying to get your shape back after delivering a baby or seeking to get a beach body for the summer.

5. Lifestyle Inhibitors During the Day

Your lifestyle can also make it hard to waist train the body during the day. For instance, if you spend several hours in the gym at daytime, waist training can be difficult. In that case, you might consider wearing your cincher to bed to guarantee 7-8 hours of waist shaping daily.

Who Should Sleep In A Corset?

Sleeping in a waist corset during the night is not for everyone despite the obvious benefits for your waist and belly fat. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, going down that route may be a good idea:

Heavy Sleeper: Do you drift off quickly and sleep like the dead afterward? If the answer is yes, sleeping in a waist trainer can be a great way to get fast results. As a heavy sleeper, the probability of feeling any problems during the night could be minimal. Just make sure the waist cincher is not too tight for comfort.

Shorter and Moderate Cincher Owners: Sleeping in waist trainers is all about comfort throughout the night. According to users, the best models for overnight sleeping are those that are relatively shorter and more moderate in terms of tightness.

How To Sleep In A Waist Cincher – Depending On Sleeping Position

Your preferred sleeping position can play a huge role in the level of comfort available when you sleep in a waist trainer. Shall we take a look at the critical tips to take into account for each sleeping position?

Side Sleepers 

Sleeping on the sides while wearing a waist trainer can be quite uncomfortable. Since the majority of waist trainers are rigid, keeping a balance throughout the night might feel impossible. Also, the waist trainer may shift towards the hips especially if it is of a mediocre quality which can wake you up from sleep or prevent dozing off in the first place.

Many side sleepers try to maintain their balance by contracting the core muscles but this typically results in sleep disturbance.

The best way to ensure comfortable side sleeping while wearing a waist trainer is to place a pillow between your waist and the sleeping surface. This can offer proper alignment for the spine and hips.

Another option is employing a knee pillow to ease the pressure on the legs which may affect the positioning of the spine. Placing some cushioning at the back can also work well by preventing unintentional rollovers through the night. This ensures the waist cincher is kept in shape without affecting the quality of your sleep.

Are you a side sleeper struggling with your current mattress? Click the link to discover the Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping while wearing a waist trainer is no walk in the park. The presence of the corset can cause sagging in the pelvis and hipbones while you lie down on the back. This is especially true in worn-out and sagging mattresses.

The solution is to increase the support provided to the curve created in the back region by the wearing of the cincher. A few small pillows or folded towels placed in the lower back can work well by proving comfort while you sleep.

This can ensure even distribution of your weight and enable you to get memorable nights while sleeping in your waist trainer.

Stomach Sleepers

If you predominantly sleep on the tummy, there are a couple of pointers to follow to ensure that you can wear your waist trainer to bed without problems. Firstly, it is critical to choose latex waist trainers instead of steel-boned models.

This is thanks to their level of flexibility and relative comfort when you lie down on them directly.

Secondly, trying to sleep without a pillow can be a great way to achieve comfort throughout the night. This is because lying down on the front while wearing a waist cincher can lead to excessive neck and head pressure.

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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sleeping in Your Waist Trainer

Waist training can have a lot of positives in your life. The potential weight loss especially in the midriff area to help gain your dream body and the self-confidence that comes with means little can go wrong with these body shapers.

However, wearing them to bed could lead to a myriad of problems including:

1. Breathing Difficulties

Have you ever worn a tight waist trainer? It can feel as if you’re struggling to breathe. While many people eventually get used to wearing them for several hours during the daytime, the night is the perfect time to take it off and relax.

This can help the body make the necessary readjustments and recover. After all, isn’t that the main reason why we sleep? You might be desperate to see results but is wearing a waist trainer all day and night worth it?

2. Squeezing of Your Organs 

One of the dreaded side effects of waist training while sleeping is the squeezing of your organs due to the excessive pressure from the waist trainers.

The pressure can get to the level where the organs may shift temporarily to gain some relief. While doing this once in a while may not be a huge problem, organ shifting over the long run can lead to some painful episodes.

3. Excessive Sweating

Are you a natural hot sleeper? Or is it that time of the year when room temperature surges at night? Sleeping in a waist trainer may be extremely uncomfortable. It can lead to excessive night sweating resulting in the inability to nod off.

This is because wearing the waist cincher can prevent airflow to the torso resulting in considerable sweating throughout the night.

If you’re prone to suffering hot flushes at night, waist training during bedtime may be a terrible idea.

Not only can excessive sweating cause sleep disturbances but it could also speed up the disintegration of the waist trainer. This can result in the need to get frequent replacements and since waist trainers are not cheap, the costs do add up over time.

4. Heart Burns

Heartburn is a common occurrence among women who train their waists in bed. Wearing corsets overnight can put excessive pressure on the stomach, causing digestive acids to leak back into the esophagus.

This may lead to the uncomfortable sensation of heartburn which can make it hard to fall asleep especially among light sleepers and those with a history of insomnia. The situation becomes even worse for chronic heartburn sufferers.

5. Skin Irritations 

One of the side effects of wearing waist trainers in bed is possible exposure to various kinds of skin irritations. Remember, sweat, dirt, grime, and bacteria can be easily transported from the waist cincher to the body while you sleep.

This can lead to an increased risk of suffering acne breakouts and other unpleasant skin irritations.

Rolling over during sleep may also increase the friction between the waist trainer and your body. The result is possible discomfort while increasing the risk of suffering skin abrasions especially for those who prefer steel-bended waist cinchers.

Why Do Women Wear Waist Trainers?

Here are a few reasons why women engage in waist training.

1. It Shapes The Body

Are you getting married in a few months or working towards achieving the perfect body for the summer? Either way, you’d want to be at your best physically, and getting the finest shape is one of the proven ways to achieve that.

Waist trainers enable you to trim excess fat from not only the belly but the whole torso as well. This means an hourglass shape everyone can admire during your big day.

2. Helps You Lose Weight

Weight loss can be a great venture for those of us who’ve piled a few extra pounds. If you’re unhappy with your current weight, why not wear a corset? It can help shape the body to your tastes while boosting the number of calories burnt in the process.

Since the belly is one of the hardest areas to lose weight, the heat from wearing a waist trainer around that region can provide magical benefits for you.

Looking to lose weight while in bed and curious as to how that is possible? Click the link to read the article we wrote on How To Lose Weight In Your Sleep.

3. Quick Results

Do you like to hit the gym or diet or both? One of the reasons why many people stop dieting or going to the gym is that results can be slow.

Fortunately, waist training helps you achieve a quicker output which can lead to a renewed motivation to keep eating healthy and working out. This could also result in exceptional health benefits over the long-term.

4. Waist Training Helps Regulate Your Appetite

Have you ever felt the tension on your waist after wearing a corset? The feeling alone can decrease your appetite. Since weight gain is directly liked to the amount of food we consume, waist training could also help supercharge your dieting efforts.

The less you eat, the lower your chances of expanding the waistline further, and the better the expected results from other weight loss efforts.

5. Get Back Your Old Shape After Pregnancy

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Getting your shape back after pregnancy can be extremely difficult. The good news is that waist training could help in that regard.

It can boost the ability to trim down the pregnancy fat in the midriff area and allow you to regain your pre-pregnancy shape in a matter of weeks.

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Waist trainers can be a great shortcut to achieving the renowned hourglass shape and, the higher the amount of effort you put into it, the higher the chances of success.

However, the question of whether to wear a waist trainer overnight is a matter of personal preference. This is why we’ve revealed the positives of each option so you can make a well-informed decision.

Remember, whichever way you decide to go, know that waist training alone cannot give you your dream weight, at least not as quickly as you may desire. Instead of trying to wear your corset 24/7, why not incorporate a healthy diet and exercise routine into your life?

This can lead to quicker and more permanent results for your body weight and shape. You’ll also become healthier and happier.

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