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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pillow Height

Shopping for a new pillow? The multiple options on the market can be overwhelming to the point where you may have a hard time settling on the perfect one. And then there’s the issue of determining the right height for you as well. The majority of us end up with the right pillow height by

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mattress elevator under a mattress on a headboard bed

Best Mattress Elevator: Complete Buying Guide

Have you been experiencing frequent episodes of heartburns especially at night? or Do you snore loudly every time you hit the sack? Either way, the right mattress elevator can improve the quality of your sleep and eliminate many of the side effects associated with lying down flatly. Contents1 What is a Mattress Elevator2 Best Mattress

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a cover being wrapped around a mattress

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Are bed bugs invading your home or are you looking for ways to keep them out in the first place? Either way, a bed bug mattress encasement can come in handy. Also known as bed bug mattress covers, they’re wrapped around the entire length and breadth of mattresses to prevent bugs and allergens from making

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couple in a showroom discussing the right mattress height to order

How to Choose the Best Mattress Height for Amazing Comfort

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make during mattress shopping is the specific height to choose. A glance through the specifications of any mattress should reveal its height which is measured in inches. Note that in most cases, the height of a mattress is referred to as the thickness. But how high

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room with a wooden bed frame with frames

How to Select the Best Mattress Foundation: Ultimate Guide

Finding a great brand new mattress can be an exciting period. But the euphoria can be short-lived when the issue of your mattress foundation pops up just when you think you’re finally set to enjoy amazing sleeping experiences. Sure, your current foundation may look good from the outside. But if it has been in use

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