Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

woman in bikini applying tanning lotion before lying in an indoor tanning bed

If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best indoor tanning lotion for fair skin, then the Beauty By Earth Self Tanner is the best one.

The release of indoor tanning bed lotions has revolutionized the global tanning industry. This is because they allow men and women to transform their fair skins into shades of darkness.

These lotions enable effective skin tanning from every corner of the earth and at any period of the year. This is why they have become so popular, especially in the last 2 decades or so.

The right indoor lotions for tanning beds are easy to apply. They usually feature natural ingredients which promote a radiant and more hydrated look.

No matter how pale white your skin may appear, these lotions can make you look more attractive.

Check out our comparison table below featuring the best tanning bed accelerators available.

Who knows? You may be able to choose the right one for your needs within the next couple of minutes.

The Best Indoor Tanning Accelerator Comparison Table

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What Is Indoor Tanning?

Indoor tanning is the process of tanning the skin without having to expose it to the sun’s rays.

This process imitates the darkening effects of the sun’s rays when it makes direct contact with the skin.

Indoor tanning involves tanning beds featuring special bulbs that emit UV radiation. As the tanner lies in the bed, this exposes his or her skin to the bulbs’ UV radiation like the sun.

This radiation activates the skin’s melanin cells to begin the darkening process. The process results in the tanner’s skin tone becoming darker and more attractive.

Indoor tanning allows you to tan the skin without sunbathing naked on the beach or outdoors.

Tanning beds have been around for almost a century. Their positive effects have made them more popular especially among millennials.

And the trend doesn’t seem like coming to an end anytime soon.

Sure, millions of people tan their skin outdoors due to the plenty of natural sunlight in the summer. But, indoor tanning enables you to achieve darker skin during winter and other cold periods of the year.

Indoor tanning has become very popular among people from all walks of life. It is especially common among males and females in their late teens to mid-twenties.

What Are The Benefits of Indoor Tanning?

There are several reasons why you should consider tanning the skin indoors. While there may be a few downsides to this process, the benefits far outweigh them.

First of all, indoor tanning protects the skin from the sun’s direct rays. Ever experienced the effects of sunburns? We all know how brutal it can be.

Also, studies have shown that the UV light rays emitted from tanning beds be very beneficial. These rays can lead to significant gains in mental health.

Besides, the light emitted from tanning beds improves the body’s Vitamin D quantities.

Indoor tanning can improve severe bouts of acne thanks to the drying effects of tanning beds. Thus, the UV lights can dry up the acne to heal and prevent further breakouts.

Finally, indoor tanning helps you maintain your body’s radiant look at all times. This is regardless of how much sunlight is available in the region you’re based or what time of the year it is.

Getting the best indoor tanning accelerator can speed up your results. It can also provide longevity for your achieved tan.

What Is An Indoor Tanning Lotion?

An indoor tanning lotion is a moisturizer applied to the skin before hopping onto a tanning bed.

Its application is critical if you have any desire to improve the skin’s look and feel from home.

The lotion combines with tanning beds to eliminate the need to go to the beach to work on your tan.

It helps to unlock the skin’s tanning cells to speed up the whole darkening process. This ensures quicker and more effective results.

There are several brands of tanning lotions available for sale. Since each lotion features specific ingredients, the results they achieve can vary.

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are common ingredients used in tanning lotions. In recent times, Green Tea extract is also gaining a favorable reputation in the industry.

Can I Use A Sunblock To Replace Tanning Lotion?

The short answer is No. Sunblocks prevent the sun’s UV rays from hitting the skin’s cells and not the other way around.

Indoor tanning works by exposing sun-like UV rays to the skin. Therefore, use of sunblock can be counterproductive.

As stated earlier, sunblock prevents the tanning bed’s UV rays from getting access to skin cells.

The result is little tanning effects on the skin if any.

What if there are sensitive areas of the skin you don’t want to tan? This is where the use of a sunblock comes in handy. Apply it to those designated areas to protect them from the UV rays emitted by the bulbs in your tanning bed.

What Are The Advantages of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions?

There are many reasons why the use of indoor tanning lotion is non-negotiable.

First of all, applying these lotions ensure that the skin stays moisturized.

The rays emitted from tanning beds tend to dry up the skin which can be detrimental to its health.

Hence, an indoor tanning lotion helps set up the skin to achieve the anticipated results.

Applying the best indoor tanning bed accelerator right before a session is non-negotiable. It can supercharge the process to help you achieve quicker results.

Thus, it minimizes the time spent on tanning beds.

Another critical benefit of tanning lotions is the ability to make your tan last longer. The right lotion ensures that your tan is deeper and poised to last for a longer period.

Types of Tanning Lotions

There are 3 main types of indoor tanning lotions. It is important to know what each of them brings to your skin so you can make the right choice

Pre-Tanning Lotion

Experts recommend applying them ahead of time before getting into a tanning bed.

They’re applied several hours ahead of a tanning session to exfoliate and soften the skin. These lotions also make the skin smoother.

This sets up the tanner’s skin for the achievement of impressive results.

Indoor Tanning Lotion

Tanners apply indoor tanning lotions right before hopping into a tanning bed.

We recommend the use of an applicator to ensure every inch of the body gets covered. This guarantees an even skin application across every desired area.

After Tanning Lotion

These lotions are suitable for application upon completion of the tanning process. After-Tanning Lotions are usually formulated to provide extra hydration for the skin.

They can also reduce adverse effects such as flaking and peeling.

How To Choose The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin

Looking for the perfect indoor tanning lotion? You’re not alone.

Indoor tanning has become so popular with millions of fans around the world.

Well, here are the most important factors to consider during shopping.


Skin Type

Your skin type is important when shopping for the best tanning bed accelerator.

A prospective tanning lotion should not contain any ingredients or harsh components. This is because such chemicals or components can have a detrimental effect on your skin.

If you have very sensitive skin, make sure to choose products made from natural extracts.

Remember, organic ingredients produce the greatest performance without putting the skin at risk.


How much do you have to spend on an indoor tanning lotion? This is another important question you need to ask yourself.

Sure, quality always comes at a price.

But does this mean you have to shell out on the most expensive indoor tanning lotion brand on the market? The answer is no.

The best indoor tanning accelerator may not always be the most expensive.

For instance, the CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator is cheaper than several other models. But, many tanners believe it is the best Australian Gold indoor tanning lotion out there now.

This is in spite of the fact that there are much more expensive models from the same brand.

Thus, we recommend that you order a lotion that is suitable for your skin type. Also, it should have tons of raving reviews on Amazon.

The good news is that each of the lotions we’ve reviewed here meets this criterion.


Always choose a reputable brand known for releasing quality tanning bed lotions.

Our reviews feature industry giants such as Beauty By Earth and Australian Gold. We also chose Ed Hardy and other solid brands.

This is due to the quality of craftsmanship and experience available to these brands. Hence, their products usually offer good results that stand the test of time.


Beauty By Earth Self Tanner  

The Beauty By Earth Self Tanner is a vegan sunless lotion that can transform your skin.

Self Tanner with Organic & Natural Ingredients, Tanning Lotion, Sunless Tanning Lotion for Flawless Darker Bronzer Skin, Self Tanning Lotion - Self Tanners Best Sellers, Fake Tan

It comprises all-natural ingredients such as organic shea butter and organic coconut oil. The duo combines with Japanese Green Tea to help produce skins tones that look impeccable.

This certified cruelty-free indoor tanning lotion is perfect for anyone with ethical concerns. The certification in question proves the absence of any testing on animals.

It is no mere coincidence that this lotion remains the number one bestseller on Amazon. Many consumers say they love its natural ability to give all skin types a gradual sun-kissed glow.

And the fact that it achieves that with zero risks of sunburns has made it a huge hit among shoppers.

Additionally, it offers protection against early aging and skin cancer.

The Self Tanner is perfect for those with sensitive skins as well as anyone with light skin. This is due to the manufacturer’s use of the most potent organic ingredients.

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Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Butter

This indoor tanning lotion offers an incredible tan across every color shade. If you’re desperate to build and maintain a darkened natural skin glow, you’ll fall in love with it.

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter - 12.25 oz.

The Devoted Creations TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter contains organic shea butter. This innovative formula is perfect for those with the most sensitive fair-skins.

It also provides exceptional hydration for all skin types. Applying it on the driest skins leaves them looking soft and fresh.

Can you imagine the effects of rich butter melting into the skin continuously? Well, the TANLIFE provides nourishment on-demand before and after each tanning session.

It allows the body to get the treatment it deserves without having to sunbathe naked.

Thus, it can save you the expense of flying to St. Tropez or the Caribbean during winter.

Besides this lotion provides quick visible results even after the first application. It also smells nice and gives a great-looking tan.

Every area of the body you apply this lotion experiences a super even tan. This ensures that you can look amazing year-round.

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Somewhere on a Beach Dark Tanning Lotion

Are you an avid indoor tanner or a beginner trying home tanning beds for the first time?

Somewhere on a Beach, Indoor Outdoor, Instant Dark Tanning Lotion 12.25 Ounce

This tried and tested indoor tanning lotion can be critical in so many ways.

The Somewhere On A Beach Instant Tanning Lotion is another top indoor accelerator. It comprises dark organic ingredients blended with Coconut Oils and Sea Buckthorn Berry.

This organic cocktail of nutrients results in that natural tanning glow we all wish for.

It also contains effective tanning intensifiers as well as deep natural bronzers. This enhances the ability to achieve a stain-free and streak-free bronzed result.

The good news is that this lotion contains no traces of DHA and other harmful chemicals.

Additionally, it infuses Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6, an all-powerful anti-aging peptide. This helps to banish fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting periods.

Applying this lotion softens the skin while enhancing its look and feel.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s use of quality coconut and walnut oils, your skin can start looking like new.

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Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator

The Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator is another acclaimed indoor tanning lotion. It is one of the most popular options released by the renowned brand.

Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion 8.5 oz

It comes in a formula that combines native Australian oils and other ingredients.

Also, the manufacturer supercharges the potent blend with Vitamins A and E.

The result is a powerful skin hydrating lotion that guarantees great tanning experiences.

This tanning lotion is also perfect for outdoor use. The bronzer + accelerator combo can deliver awesome results.

This is regardless of whether you’re establishing a base tan or building a more advanced one.

The CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator doesn’t rub off on clothing and doubles as a good moisturizer.  This is unlike other inferior rival lotions that stain clothes and other items.

Also, the fruity smell is pleasant and far from offensive. And this lotion absorbs quickly as well once applied on the skin.

We love the fact that it produces an even caramel color whether you’re tanning indoors or outdoors.

Many experienced tanners rate it as the best Australian Gold indoor tanning lotion. And that assertion is correct in our humble opinion.

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Hempz DARK TAN Maximizer

The Hempz HYPOALLERGENIC DARK TAN Maximizer is another outstanding tanning bed accelerator. It is suitable for all your indoor tanning needs and more.

Hempz HYPOALLERGENIC DARK TAN Maximizer - 9 oz.

Derived from pure natural hemp seed oil, it provides pure nourishment for the skin. It also hydrates and conditions the skin to guarantee that it stays moist, soft, and smooth.

Additionally, the Maximizer comes in a lightweight formula to provide that natural glow.

Hempz also integrates a powerful in-house designed Dark Tanning blend into the lotion. This complements its world-class natural tanning enhancers to promote a dark, golden-colored skin.

Hence, your tan can become the center of attention wherever you go.

Looking for smooth and gentle skin with those dark accents you desire? The Mango Seed butter component ingredient allows you to achieve that.

It also ensures that the skin always stays hydrated.

Furthermore, the Hempz DARK TAN Maximizer embeds oatmeal and other natural calming extracts.

This promotes a soothing skin experience before and after each tanning bed session.

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Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion

The Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion is a must-have.

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion, 10 oz.

It integrates an innovative bronzing formula which produces an extreme sizzling tingle. This guarantees next-level results from each tanning session.

If you’re looking for the best indoor tanning accelerator that gets the job done quicker, you’ve just found it.

Also, the natural hemp oil extract component ensures effective moisturizing of the skin.

Besides, the Mangosteen component provides powerful antioxidants to slow down the aging process. This helps tanned skins look younger and more radiant.

The Ed Hardy Obnoxious also packs Vitamins C and E which moisturizes dry skin.

Are you suffering from any form of damaged skin? These vitamins can repair any defects and blemishes.

The fruity smell is another reason why this indoor tanning lotion has become so popular.

It is perfect for everyone who desires a darkened skin color from the comfort of a tanning bed.

The good news is that the initial redness wears off on its own after a couple of hours.

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Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

The Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond is a great indoor tanning lotion. It can help anyone achieve impressive results regardless of the preferred tanning method.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

It comes in a Triple Power T2 formula that unlocks tanning cell activity.

This tanning accelerator increases blood flow to the applied areas for effective results.

The integration of Natural Bronzing extracts complement other ingredients to promote lasting results.

Also, the Triple-action anti-aging, firming, and slimming Blend reinvigorates the skin.

Thus, you’re able to look and feel fresh even for senior citizens.

Besides, it comes in a Green Citrus fragrance that is pleasant and makes you smell really good.

The Pink Beauty tanning lotion contains no hazardous chemicals such as THC. This enables those with the most sensitive skins to experience its potent formula at no risk.

It doubles as an accelerator and a Bronzer, giving the skin an initial pink look that fades to a beautiful bronze tan.

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The days when you had to wait till summer or go to the Caribbean every couple of months for a year-round tan is over.

You can achieve that perfect tan whether you’re in the comfort of your home or hotel room. This is thanks to tanning beds and indoor tanning lotions,

The Beauty By Earth Self Tanner is the best indoor tanning bed lotion for fair skin.

Derived from a blend of organic ingredients, this lotion is perfect for beginners.

It is also suitable for serious tanners looking to achieve that dark skin glow we all crave.

Additionally, it is available at a price that doesn’t need breaking the bank.


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