Best Bed Sheets For Purple Mattress [Buyer’s Guide]

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If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best bed sheets for Purple Mattress, then the DTY Bedding Bamboo Sheets is the best one.

Ever since their inception in the bedding industry a couple of years ago, Purple Mattresses have become synonymous with luxury.

These mattresses have become sought after by consumers with a taste for the finest things in life.

If you’ve purchased one of those premium mattresses then congratulations are in order.

However, you must get complementary sheets to leverage the full advantages of Purple Mattresses.

This is why we’ve compiled the best bed sheets on the market right now to take your Purple Mattress sleeping comforts to unimaginable levels.


How To Buy The Best Bed Sheets For A Purple Mattress

Purple Mattresses are built from premium materials to ensure the utmost comfort for sleepers.

Therefore, it is very important to search for sheets which can complement the wonderful functionality of these mattresses to guarantee deep satisfying sleeping every single night.

Here are the factors to look out for during your search.


Purple Mattress sheets are primarily constructed from viscose or rayon from bamboo thanks to the world-class softness and coziness these materials feel on the skin of the sleeper.

Bamboo-based bed sheet materials are also known for their natural elasticity which makes it easy to fit deep mattresses.

Cotton is another great material to consider when searching for the best bed sheets for a Purple Mattress.

If you opt for cotton, be sure to consider the thread-count. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer a particular sheet is.

It is recommended that you choose models that come with at least 300 thread-count if you’re serious about enjoying all the luxury of premium mattresses such as Purple.



Always choose bed sheets that can fit every single inch of your mattress without any problems. The right size should also allow you to tuck the sheets under any mattress with ease.

Additionally, the depth of your Purple Mattress is also taken into account when shopping.

Fortunately, every single model appearing in our Purple Mattress reviews below features deep pockets to fit mattresses of up to 22 inches deep.

If your mattress is a Queen for instance, then you must choose Queen-sized sheets.

Finally, make sure the pillowcases included with the sheets are large enough to fit your pillows snugly.

Ease of Cleaning

Bed sheets inevitably get dirty so they must be easy to wash regardless of the type you choose.

The good news is that top quality bamboo and cotton bed sheets are easy to wash as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, it is always a good idea to choose sheets that come with quick and easy stain removal properties because accidents can and do happen.

Warranty and Return Policy

Does your preferred Purple Mattress bed sheet come with any sort of warranty or return policy? This is another question you need to answer during the shopping process.

Ideally, you want a model covered by a lifetime warranty but manufacturers typically offer this only for the most expensive models.

The best Purple Mattress bed sheets should also come with some sort of return policy if you end up not liking your sheets once they arrive in your home.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to allow consumers to get a feel of their bed sheets for several nights before deciding whether to keep or return them so watch out for such models.


Your budget can determine the quality of bed sheets you end up with. Most people think that being able to order a premium mattress brand like Purple automatically means you have more money to burn but that is not always the case.

That being said, you should always try to target models at the middle to the higher end of the market as they’re usually of better quality and provide superior sleeping experiences.

Shipping and Delivery

How long does it take for your preferred bed sheets to be shipped? Are there any shipping charges?

All of these questions should be clarified before your order to help you make a smart choice.

Your circumstances can come into play in your final choice.

For instance, when you have an important guest arriving in a week, you cannot afford to order a specific Purple Mattress bed sheet that ships in 2 weeks.


What are the Best Bed Sheets For Purple Mattresses?

DTY Bedding Organic Bamboo Sheet

The DTY Bedding Premium Bamboo Sheets are a great companion for anyone who’s shelled out on a Purple Mattress.

DTY Bedding Premium 100% Organic Bamboo Viscose 4-Piece King Bed Sheet Set, Luxuriously Soft and Comfortable, Oeko-TEX Certified Bamboo Sheets, Fits Mattresses up to 18 in - King, Sky

They’re manufactured from 100% organic premium bamboo to give you the ultimate luxury in sleeping. Unlike most inferior models on the market, the manufacturer doesn’t blend this material with cheaper ones.

These stretchy sheets for Purple Mattresses give you a perfect combination of strength and softness. They’re also fully elasticized and deep-pocketed for mattresses of up to 22 inches in depth.

The viscose material used in these sheets helps wick away moisture from the sleeper’s body to ensure he or she feels dry and cool during the hot summer nights and cozy during those freezing winter nights.

Each purchase comes with a 90-day sleep trial to get a good feel of the sheets to determine whether it’s the best fit for you. DTY bedding also offers a lifetime warranty for every customer.

The DTY Bedding Premium Bamboo Sheets should be a top priority when searching for the best bed sheets for purple mattresses for both summer and winter nights.

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Threadmill Home Linen Cotton Sheets

The Threadmill Home Linen Cotton Sheets are great for the Purple Mattress and other premium mattress brands on the market today.

Threadmill Home Linen 800 Thread Count 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton, King 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set, Luxury Bedding, Fits Mattresses up to 18 inches deep, Smooth Sateen Weave, White

It is manufactured from 100 % Extra-Long Staple cotton which is ultra-smooth and soft on the skin.

After a hard day of work, relaxing in the cool comfort of this bed sheet effectively helps everyone enjoy that deep recharging sleep they deserve to wake up fully rested and ready to tackle what’s ahead.

This Purple Mattress bed sheet is manufactured under the highest standards of environmental sustainability in the form of a modern solar and wind energy-powered factory.

The sheets are woven by experts with decades of experience and with exceptional craftsmanship from the finest cotton yarns. This results in sheets which are extremely plush and long-lasting.

Do not hesitate to order the Threadmill Home Linen Cotton sheets when you’re desperate for a durable Purple Mattress bed sheet with enhanced breathability and durability.

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Stone & Beam Buffalo Check Sheet

This is one of the most popular bed sheets for Purple Mattresses right now and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

Stone & Beam Rustic Buffalo Check Soft and Breathable Flannel Yarn-Dyed Sheet Set, Queen, Red and Black

The Stone & Beam Rustic Buffalo Check Sheet Set keeps you and your partner warm during those cold winter nights.

It is manufactured from top quality cotton flannel material with a double-napped finish that keeps your body warm in spite of freezing temperatures. It is soft on the skin and extremely comfortable even on the skins of babies.

This Purple Mattress bed sheet has been certified by OEKO Tex for quality and safety. You can be sure that it is manufactured without using any potentially hazardous chemicals.

It is available in 6 different color combinations and comes in sizes ranging from Twin to Twin XL as well as Full, Queen, and King.

Order the Stone & Beam Rustic Buffalo Check Sheet Set if you’re looking for the best bed sheets for Purple mattresses during colder periods of the year.

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LINENWALAS Bamboo Sheets

This Purple Mattress bed sheets is one of the softest and most comfortable 300 thread-count models on the market right now.

LINENWALAS Softest Sheets Queen Bamboo Sheets - Bamboo Sheet Set - Blisfully Soft Bed Sheets Softer Than Cashmere Sheets (Queen, Grey)

The LINENWALAS Bamboo Sheets are perfect for premium mattresses due to their bamboo material which is softer and plusher than rivals made from cotton.

The 300-thread count weave ensures top-level comfort by wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature to eliminate hot flashes and sweat. This is functional even when room temperatures are higher than usual.

The manufacturer employs the most environmentally sound manufacturing processes to ensure optimum safety for all consumers.

This Purple Mattress bed sheet is silky and soft to touch which allows you to sleep like a baby throughout the night.

Therefore, you’re able to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Additionally, it is recommended for those suffering from a wide range of health conditions including asthma, menopause, insomnia, night sweats, and lupus.

The LINENWALAS Bamboo Sheets are a no-brainer if you’re desperate for a stress-free sleeping experience on your Purple Mattress.

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Oasis Fine Linens Bamboo Collection

The Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection is another outstanding bed sheet that augments your sleep quality on the renowned Purple Mattress.

Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection (Queen, Cirrus)

Manufactured from 100 % Rayon material from bamboo, these sheets offer superior comfort on a nightly basis.

It provides 5-star moisture-wicking and cooling to guarantee a comfortable night of sleep regardless of what is going on in your life.

These Purple Mattress sheets are so comfortable that you can compare them to most 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Whatever the depth of your mattress, you should be assured that these sheets will have no problems fitting snugly thanks to its generous dimensions.

They’re designed to fit mattresses of up to 22 inches deep as well as 2 extra-large pillows.

The manufacturer also adds a stunning gift pouch for every purchase.

You cannot afford to ignore the Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection if you want the best purple mattress bed sheets to help you sleep your troubles away.

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Danjor Linens Premium Bed Sheets

This is another solid option to anyone desperate to find top-notch bed sheets for Purple Mattresses.

6 Piece Hotel Luxury Soft 1800 Series Premium Bed Sheets Set, Deep Pockets, Hypoallergenic, Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Bedding Set(Queen, Ice Blue)

The Danjor Linens Premium Bed Sheets comes in the form of completely elasticized sheets with deep pockets to fit mattresses with depths of up to 16 inches.

These bed sheets are crafted from extremely durable and tremendously soft microfibers to give you that luxury hotel sleeping experience night after night.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s proprietary weaving process, these sheets end up being softer and plusher than rival models derived from 100 percent cotton.

It is durable, designed to stay in shape, and devoid of fading even after hundreds of times of washing. No wonder many consumers turn to this model when seeking the best stretchy sheets for Purple Mattresses.

Additionally, this Purple Mattress bed sheet is hypoallergenic and naturally designed to repel dust mites thanks to the use of deeply woven fabrics.

If you’re looking for the best Purple Mattress bed sheets for allergy sufferers, the Danjor Linens Premium Bed Sheets is the obvious choice.

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Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet

The Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set can work wonders if you sleep on a Purple Mattress or any other premium mattress brand.

Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hotel Stitch Sheet Set - Full, Espresso

It is woven from 100 % Egyptian cotton in a 400-thread count design which is smooth and exceptionally soft to touch. The stripe also adds a nice elegant touch to the look and feel of these sheets.

The Pinzon Sheets are available at a great price in spite of the quality of the manufacturing process and the finish.

They’re easy to wash especially when it comes to blood and other stains many other sheets struggle to get rid of after washing.

Additionally, these sheets come with deep pockets which means fitting on a deeper mattress shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re desperate for affordable Purple Mattress bed sheets, they don’t come better than the Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set.

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The DTY Bedding Premium Bamboo Sheets are the best bed sheets for Purple Mattresses. This choice is plain and obvious when you consider the overall quality of these sheets as well as the level of craftsmanship and luxury embedded into it.

It is available at a great price and fits beds of up to 22 inches snugly. It is also wrinkle-free and easy to wash, which are trademarks of world-class bed sheets.

If you’re committed to getting a 5-star sleeping experience on your Purple Mattress, you cannot afford to pass over these bed sheets.


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