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It takes a lot of work including getting the best mattress and bedding, eating right, and conditioning your brain to relax at bedtime. Join us as we share our first-hand experiences and tips on the best ways to reach Dreamland. Achieving good sleep does not need to be a marathon, it can be a sprint!

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How Much Do Mattresses Depreciate?

Are you thinking of selling a used mattress? You’re in for the shock of your life! You’ve probably heard that a car loses 10 percent of its value the moment it leaves the dealership. Well, the reality is that mattresses depreciate much more dramatically. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve slept on the mattress. You

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mattress wrapped in a box

How do Mattress Trials Work?

What does Casper, Simba, Aviya, and Nectar mattresses all have in common? They offer 100-night free trials. If you’ve watched any of their ads on TV or the Web then it is only fair to wonder how these trials work in the first place.  So how do mattress trials work? Well, several mattress-in-a-box companies allow

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woman vaccuum cleaning a dirty mattress

How to Clean a Used Mattress

Have you just bought a cheap used mattress on Craigslist or received one from a close friend or relative? Either way, pre-owned mattresses are generally not the best idea. This is because there’s always a good chance of ending up with one that is either heavily stained or funky smelling or both. Such mattresses can

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puppy wrapped with a blanket

Why Do We Feel Safe Under a Blanket?

The sun can be unforgivable during bright summer afternoons to the point where taking a nap to escape the heat can seem like the only logical conclusion. You walk into your bedroom or living room, switch on the fan or AC, and jump into bed to lie down bare. However, after tossing and turning for

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metal bed frame with blue and white bedshets

Why Do Mattresses Need Frames?

You hit the showroom floor and order your preferred mattress after testing out and negotiating with the salespeople. Just when you’re about to leave after spending hundreds of dollars and possibly more on your mattress, you remember that you’ve still have not bought a frame for the mattress. At that point, you cannot help but

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lady lying on a bed

Why Do Mattresses Squeak?

After a stressful day at work, the last thing you need is a mattress that squeaks at the slightest movement of your body. Sometimes, the day can be so bad that you cannot wait to get home and jump into bed. You finally arrive home, take a warm shower, and get into your bed with

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girl lying down on a futon

Mattress vs Futon

Ditching traditional mattresses for Futons seems to be the latest trend among Americans and other westerners. This style of mattress has long been in use among the Japanese and people from other cultures around the world. But they only became popular in the United States within the last 2 decades or so. style=”font-weight: 400;”>Are there

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barista pouring a cup of coffee

Sleeping After Too Much Coffee

It is no secret that Coffee and sleep do not mix well. Yet, the urge for a caffeine fix can be so strong that we end up picking up cup after cup from Starbucks or our favorite coffee joint. The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee at any point in the day can be so tempting that

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energized lady getting fresh air

21 Smart Hacks to Sleep Less and Have More Energy

The average adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep to function optimally according to experts. So how do some successful CEOs achieve higher productivity even though they claim to sleep for only 4-5 hours? Well, a small percentage are genetically wired to require less sleep. But the majority have simply mastered the art of sleeping less

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